The FarmWelcome to our web site! We hope that you enjoy browsing through and looking at our herd. We live in Deer Park, WA. which is located 25 miles north of Spokane in eastern Washington. We have been raising Purebred Nubians for 30+ years and have developed a very competitive show string. We, of necessity, keep a small herd of about 35 animals. We have been on DHIR test almost as long as we have had goats.  These past few years we had our herd appraised . We have added the appraisal scores to the information on each of our does and bucks. More detailed appraisal information is available on request.

Our does are tall, smooth, and show great dairy character. We select for proper udder conformation and excellent dairy temperament. Most does are bred to kid at 12-18 months old and mature slowly. They reach their adult height generally at 4 and finish filling out by the time they are five years old.

Does are vaccinated with C D &T, Lysigin, and with a Pasturella vaccine yearly, BoSeinjections are given 3 times per year and copper boluses once per year. Kids are weaned at about 10-12 weeks. They are vaccinated for CD&T at 8 weeks, 6mos. and one year. They are given Baycox to prevent cocci and are fed grain with  Decox until they reach breeding size when they are taken off grain until they are one month from kidding.

Because we are greatly concerned about the continued goat doedevelopment of the Nubian breed , we only sell bucks out of does that are of proven quality. If you see a breeding that you are interested in obtaining a buck, please contact us immediately as we only keep bucks that are pre ordered. Please feel free to contact us for extended pedigree information on any of the does or bucks you see here. Anyone wishing to purchase a wether for packing or other purposes, please contact us and pre order. Wethers will be $75 at 6 weeks of age or less and will be raised on our CAE prevention program.  All doe kids and pre ordered buck kids are raised on pasteurized milk and heat treated colostrum from does tested negative for CAE.

2019 Kidding Schedule

Our kidding schedule for 2018-19 is now up. Check it out to see which does will be bred to which bucks, the breeding dates, and prices. Please take a look and contact Sandy to make reservations for some high quality, healthy, beautiful kids now.

Click here to see our Breeding Plan

Click here to see our 2018 Kidding Log

Click here for pictures of a C-Section delivery

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2017 Linear Appraisal Results

The Linear Appraisal of our herd went spectacularly well, with our herd scoring quite well. The day was so chocked full that we have devoted a full web page to the events, scores, and pictures of the lovely ladies. Please feel free to check it out: 2017 Linear Appraisal


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Kids For Sale

goat kidYear after year our goats do well in the show ring, earn production awards, and score highly on conformation. In addition to milking well and earning ribbons in the show ring, our goats are healthy, friendly, and well bred. Please take some time to look at our For Sale page. Healthy and beautiful right from the start! Reuel Dairy Goat Kids are a great way to improve your herd! Contact Sandy now to reserve your Reuel Kids. Sandy@ReuelDG.com

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Recent Happenings At Reuel Dairy Goats

goats playing 1/4/16  It has been a busy year here and it seems like just yesterday that I updated this section of the website... The date on it tells a different story .  Here we are at the start of another year.  We are most grateful for the two feet of snow that is piled up on our lawn and for the predictions of more to come.  Last year was a very dry one for our area and it is only because of a couple of mid spring rain storms that the local hay crop was saved.  We got our hay in early in the year and our straw wasn't far behind.  Kidding season went really well.  We were very happy to see a really nice crop of kids who have been very healthy and growing like weeds.

My recovery from a car accident is still progressing and taking forever, but I'm making progress.  We attended the North Eastern WA Dairy Goat Association show in June where we did really well.  We managed to get things ready for our June Linear Appraisal and enjoyed seeing everyone. It was quite a cool morning but it was a great encouragement to see the girls do so well.  We planned to attend the National show in Redmond but the temperatures were so high the week we were planning to do our clipping and packing preparation that we decided that it would be best if we stayed home. Fall found thousands of acres of the state on fire and our valley was socked in with smoke for weeks at a time.Because of the air quality the Open Show at the Clayton fair was canceled. Preparations for the Spokane Fair began in earnest and I even tried to clip some of the girls as my clipping crew was busy either fighting the forest fires or holding down the fort at home. As I came home from Judging the Youth show I found Kristy and Stephen just finishing up clipping the last doe that was entered in the Spokane Fair.  Kristy, Stephen and Kerri are my right hand team.  They help fit the goats for showing, they help trim feet and they help with the mundane chores that go along with owning goats.  We certainly couldn't do it without them.

September found us heading into the Spokane Fair where the girls again were outstanding.  This year Barb added a second ring and we managed to finish our 4 year old SGCH Reuel Jael's WC Josee!   Josee was looking beautiful on show day and she knew it.  She owned the ring and showed herself to best advantage.  It was an exhausting week for me but I did manage to survive it.  I hope that by this fall my conditioning will have improved a great deal again so it is more fun. While at the fair we purchased a new buck for our Breeding program.  Ober-d' Rainbow DRK Falcon.  He is tied in to our herd several generations back and is a beautiful combination of strength and dairy character.  We have bred a lot of our does to him and are very excited to see the kids this spring.  We are very grateful to Suzanne and Jim Strong for allowing us to purchase this good looking young man!  He is going to be a very big boy!

We are looking forward to hosting Linear Appraisal in August this year and to seeing how the girls mature as they again freshen in.  As usual we are milking through the winter and are very happy to have a steady supply of very rich and creamy milk.

This fall we added another member to the family when we got a second Rottweiler.  Roxie is all puppy and a yard wide.  She loves Trampus and Trampus is busy teaching her the ropes around the place.  Roxie is very smart and learns very fast.  She is a beautiful pup with a great temperament.  Thank you so much Heather. She is a real gem and has a great sense of humor.  She is keeping all of us on our toes. Trampus and she often sleep curled up together.

dog with goat kid

Trampus has celebrated his seventh birthday and he is one BIG dog. He is a love without an aggressive bone in his body!  His one desire in life is to be helpful and he insists on bringing our socks up to the living room every morning... We often have very damp socks :-/ He will go and get our shoes when asked and will retrieve my wrist brace on command. Sometimes it takes him awhile to find it. :-) He licks out the calf buckets and then brings the empty buckets to me so I can wash them. He will herd any wandering goats to the milk room on command and is very entertaining. He sleeps with us and sometimes gets booted to the floor when he insists on hogging the bed.  Trampus has taken to bringing his favorite visitors presents when they arrive... usually he manages to retrieve a piece of junk mail from the trash can... But he is endlessly entertaining.